22 Jul
The how, what, when, where, who when it comes to Strippers

When it comes to defining strippers it really does depend on your perspective. For some its a well paid profession, for others its entertainment. On each side of the coin it can broken down countless ways and a plethora of different reasons.

Most will agree that a stripper is a performer of strip tease - the art form of gradually removing items of clothing to music in a provocative, sexy and exciting display. Early signs of modern striptease seem to date back to the early 1800’s but it wasn’t until the early to mid 1900’s that the pole earned its place in the history of exotic dance. The 1950’s saw the emergence of strip clubs with increasing popularity through the 60’s and 70’s along with liberalisation in general. From the 1980’s to the present day strip clubs have grown in popularity and expanded in numbers considerably with the popularity of plastic surgery driving the addition of big boobs. Today, skimpy outfits, g-strings and spectacular pole dancing routines on stage define the modern strip performance.

Less publicised was the emergence of demand for private strippers. Driven by bucks and hens party culture in western society, a strip show fast became the main event attraction for such events. Typically in such a performance, the betrothed would find themselves the centre of the strippers attention. A show may last anything from 10 minutes to over an hour and all typically start out with the stripper in costume such as police, nurse and fireman etc. Entry level performances consist of anything from a PG rated lingerie show, bikini or g-string show which end with these garments remaining on. Things do get considerable spicy from here.

With female shows they can range from R to X ratings and include props such as toys for the very explicit demands and for a touch of comedy strings of pearls, ping pong balls, whips, hand cuffs, whipped cream, candle wax and more. The most explicit these shows seem to get are lesbians interacting with the groom along with all of the aforementioned accessories. Budding brides can often find themselves at odds when it comes to what happens on a bucks party tour despite the far majority consisting of nothing more than harmless fun.

As for the bachelorette you only need ask the bus driver or boat skippers of such parties which sort of parties worry them the most. Its often the group of very drunk women looking to scream the house down. Male strippers seem less popular than their female counterparts but an essential ingredient for bridesmaids when planning the brides final night of mischief. These performances typically range from 15 to 30 minutes and at most typically result in simulated sex with the strippers final piece of clothing - the g-string remaining on.

Its fair to say for the guests of such private parties this sort of carry on will be only  a few times in their lives when a close friend gets married. The parties typically go all night but can go for several days with younger members of then group. None the less the events come and go and hopefully are remembered for all the right reasons with nobody seriously injured and a lifetime of fond memories plus happily ever after.

For the performers however, the events are every weekend. Another group, another party and everything that goes with it. The typical entertainer works for a living like the rest of us and goes home to family and loved ones. The temptations of party goers, the dancing and fun can be a occupational health hazard for strippers. If they participate in the drinking and sleepless nights week after week it can have a detrimental effect on their wellbeing. 

No doubt the sensible performers make great money, enjoy themselves and maintain a positive balanced life. some put themselves tour college, others pay off their homes quickly and some enjoy a great lifestyle.

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